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Game description: See how good a dogfighter you are in this flight simulator. Pick where you want to fly, the time of day, and the cloud density.
game controls:1- Cockpit view 2- Rear view 3- Target view 4- fly-by view A 5- fly-by view B 5- follow view B A- Autopilot toggle P- Airplane cycle TAB or Button 3- Target cycle Mouse Position- Joystick D/C- Throttle Z/X- Rudder Mouse button or button1- Weapon Launch 'w' or button2- Weapon Cycle H- HUD color cycle B- HUD brightness cycle PageUp- Increase timescale PageDown- Decrease timescale Dot key- Pause ESC- Return to Menu

Game title :Shockwings

Game author :

Game size : 3.24 MB

Game screenshot :Shockwings

Game ID for Shockwings :3720

Best game screen resolution: 630 x 482

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