10 Gnomes 7

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Game description: 10 Gnomes 7 is an arcade game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org. The mysterious and unstrained music will release your nerves when you are playing with it. You just need to find out ten gnomes within ten minutes on the background of solitude. Gnomes conceal in the back of sculptures, corners and bushes. Find out clickable areas to navigate through the location. When you click any objects in the picture, the object will be enlarged so that you can room in and see more details around the object, maybe a gnome conceals there and then click it. Click at the bottom of the picture you can room out, and then navigate other places to find out remaining gnomes. There is a timer at the left top of the picture, remember there is only ten minutes available for you to find out ten gnomes. Enjoy it!

Game title :10 Gnomes 7

Game author : Mateusz Skutnik

Game size : 2992 KB

Game screenshot :10 Gnomes 7

Game ID for 10 Gnomes 7 :137

Best game screen resolution: 600 x 300 fullscreen

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