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Game description: Brainiac is an arcade game on in which you act as a high school genius. You are hired to work in a secret laboratory. Your job is to learn “ZURROHZGEE”…an alien language in order to translate the speech of a newly captured alien leader. The object of this game is to match all the symbols by simply clicking on them. The scene is a grey picture which is divided in to 6 lines and 6 rows. So, there are 36 small cells in the picture. Under every cell, there is a design. When you click on a cell, the cell will turn over and the design comes out. But the design will only last several seconds. If you find another cell with the same design, click on them in short time, then the 2 cells with same design will disappear. When all the cells disappear, you win! Wish you good luck!

Game title :Brainiac

Game author : Ultimate Arcade

Game size : 474 KB

Game screenshot :Brainiac

Game ID for Brainiac :534

Best game screen resolution: 620 x 420 fullscreen

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