Bubble Odyssey

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Game description: Sometimes after a day’s hard work, you may come home exhausted. In that situation, why not play some easy and interesting games on your computer? Now you have one. Bubble Odyssey is a classic game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org in which your mission is to destroy as many bubbles as possible before time runs out. You shoot bubbles to those of the same color. When there are 3 or more same bubbles, they will disappear from the board. You can rotate the cannon to choose a better shoot position. The computer will add your board new bubbles, and you have to prevent them from jamming the screen. Good luck!

Game title :Bubble Odyssey

Game author : T45ol.com

Game size : 1510 KB

Game screenshot :Bubble Odyssey

Game ID for Bubble Odyssey :126

Best game screen resolution: 450 x 450 fullscreen

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