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Game description: Cubrius is a puzzle game on in which you can practice your ability of thinking. Push similar colored cubes together to remove them from the stage. Remove all colored cubes to solve the puzzle. Move around using the arrow key and press spacebar to pus a cube. Remove four cubes to multiply your score with a combo bonus. Use other cubes of the same color to remove anchor cubes. You can solve a stage without removing colorless cubes; just push them out of the way. Puzzle cubes can only be removed using identical cubes. They won’t react with other types of cubes or colors. You can also use a sprite to remove puzzle cubes once you have unlocked pet cubes. You gain a pet sprite after you remove any pet cube. Cubes of your sprite color are removed after one push. You can change its color by removing another pet cube. Joker cubes can be used to remove same colored cubes or joker cubes of any color. Try using different colored joker cubes to remove each other. Clear unsolved puzzles to unlock the next stage. Have fun!

Game title :Cubrius

Game author : Digital Seed Entertainment

Game size : 2323 KB

Game screenshot :Cubrius

Game ID for Cubrius :365

Best game screen resolution: 800 x 600 fullscreen

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