Death Row

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Game description: Death Row is an arcade game on in which you will try to save an innocent man from death. In May 2005, petty criminal Hector Van Daemon was linked to a bombing of a US government building in Dallas, Texas. On February 22, 2006, thanks to a prior criminal record and a shoddy trial, Van Daemon was found guilty of terrorism and condemned to death by the state of Texas. He has languished on death row since that day. Hector maintains his innocence but has become depressed and angry, losing his will to fight. However, scattered around his cell are fragments of evidence that if found, may prove he is not linked to the bombings. He has one last chance at receiving a pardon from the Governor- if he can be reformed enough to cooperate with authorities and all nine pieces of evidence can be found, he may win his freedom. So you shall work with Hector, reform his ways and try and save an innocent man from facing the electric chair. The time limit is two weeks. You can interact with him, assign him some work, or buy food for him in prison shop. In these actions, 8 clues may be found. The food includes apple, cheese, coffee, hamburger, cola, donut, broccoli, chicken, and ice cream. Hector can use bucket, dumbbell, and play soccer ball. Send mail, make license plates, break rocks, mop floors, and do kitchen duty are his work. Go to help him now!

Game title :Death Row

Game author : Tease Your Mind

Game size : 1686 KB

Game screenshot :Death Row

Game ID for Death Row :147

Best game screen resolution: 640 x 480 fullscreen

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