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Game description: Find Difference is an arcade game on in which you must identify five differences in two pictures. Press “start”, game begin. There are two pictures on the map. The left picture on the screen is a reference; the right side of the map is where you operate. When the game start, mouse pointer will change to a pencil, click the point where is different from the left picture using the left mouse key, the point will be rounded by a red circle. The number of the differences you find out is recorded in “CATCH”, and the time you have spent is recorded in “TIME”. If you have found out five differences, you will win, and you can move to the next clearance.

Game title :Find Difference

Game author : Curistory

Game size : 763 KB

Game screenshot :Find Difference

Game ID for Find Difference :510

Best game screen resolution: 780 x 465 fullscreen

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