Flip Me Out

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Game description: Flip Me Out is a skill game on play-free-mahjong-games.org in which you try to find Jack out from three Jack-boards. When the game starts, you will see three boards in the screen. Jack will stretch out his head out from one of the boards to tell you where he is. Then he will hide behind the board and the three boards begin to change their positions mutually and quickly. You must stare at the boards and pay attention to the board which Jack hides behind. After their positions are changed, you can click on the Jack-board to flip Jack out. Test how fast you can watch Jack move. Sometimes several flies will fly over the boards to disturb you. Once you make a wrong choice, Jack does not hide behind the board you point at, the game is over. As levels progress, the boards will move quicker and quicker. Click to start.

Game title :Flip Me Out

Game author : Jack

Game size : 489 KB

Game screenshot :Flip Me Out

Game ID for Flip Me Out :336

Best game screen resolution: 720 x 360 fullscreen

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