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Game description: Glops is an arcade game on in which you should clear the board one group at a time. Move your mouse to click on Glops that are grouped together in order to remove them. You will earn more points for finding larger groups. You will start the game with 4 Glop cards. Each card has 18 life bars, and you will lose one bar when you click on a Glop. Once the bars have been exhausted, the Glop deck will decrease by one. When the forth card has been removed, your game will be over. You can fill up the wild meter by removing groups of Glops. Once the meter is full, a wild card will appear over the Glop deck. There are some special moves. You can click the symbols to spin the board clock wise or counter clockwise, even mix-up the colors. The smart bomb will destroy at least five Glops. The amount of smart bombs is located on the button.

Game title :Glops

Game author : Nickel Arcade

Game size : 117 KB

Game screenshot :Glops

Game ID for Glops :436

Best game screen resolution: 450 x 440 fullscreen

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