Hapland 3

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Game description: Hapland 3 is a puzzle game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org in which you will face a very puzzle situation. Your task is to mix up a heptachlor magic potion, open the third and final portal and declare yourself. Once it starts, you will find that you are located in a forest which has trees, pull, bird and insects. You will also find that there is alien in a barrel which is at the bottom of the pull. The sky is very blue. The sun is shining, and the cloud is smiling. With the beautiful sight, you can start your job. There are three people in the game, and they can help you to finish the job. If you get stuck, look for extra things to click on. You can often still do things while stuff is happening. Just let the alien abductions take as soon as possible. Have fun.

Game title :Hapland 3

Game author : Robin Allen

Game size : 1083 KB

Game screenshot :Hapland 3

Game ID for Hapland 3 :389

Best game screen resolution: 750 x 500 fullscreen

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