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Game description: This strategic game is for 2 persons. You can play against the computer or against another person. One has the white pearls, the other the red diamonds. You have to create items of your own colour, move then forward and eat the adversary items with purpose to invade as much free cells as possible on the board. The winner is the one having the biggest amount of own items. To play, click on the item you want to use. It will show you where you can go with it. If you click on a cell marked green, directly beside your item, this one will remain in its cell and a new one will created in the new cell. If you click on a cell marked yellow, your item will jump into it and there will be no new item created. In both cases, green and yellow, if items of your opponent are beside the cell you arrive in, they will be changed into items of your type. This game requires you to think in advance about consequences of your moving. Take your time...

Game title :Hexxagon

Game author : Neave

Game size : 47 KB

Game screenshot :Hexxagon

Game ID for Hexxagon :634

Best game screen resolution: 375 x 285 fullscreen

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