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Game description: Life of Brain is a puzzle game on in which you will be given four tests to measure your IQ. The human brain and nerve system begin to develop at about three weeks’ gestation. This game is designed to test your brain and reaction speed. In level one, you are given 20 simple sums. Enter your answer as quickly as you can, but any errors will get time penalties. In level 2, you will start at 1 and join the numbered boxes in ascending order. Avoid hitting other boxes as you will be penalized. In level 3, you will see fifteen colored words flashed up. Click the box that corresponds to the color of the text. In level 4, you shall count the number of letters from the four lines of text presented to you. You must be accurate and quick. When you finish all, a final score will be given to you. Try to show your best performance. Do it now.

Game title :Life of Brain

Game author : Mouse Breaker

Game size : 244 KB

Game screenshot :Life of Brain

Game ID for Life of Brain :314

Best game screen resolution: 550 x 460 fullscreen

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