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Game description: Mah Jongg is an arcade game on in which you link the same cards in shortest time. You can see stacked mahjongs in the screen. Simply connect and remove the same designs. Click on the same tiles and there will be a frame appears around the mahjong and the mahjong will disappear. But you will find some similar designs can be removed, too. such like the seasons pattern which has the word, “Spring”, ”Summer” ,”Autumn” or ”Winter” on it. Remember you can only eliminate the corner tiles and remove them floor by floor. The time you have used will be shown on upper-right corner of the screen. Click New Game to restart the game. Good luck!

Game title :Mah Jongg

Game author : Info Space

Game size : 71 KB

Game screenshot :Mah Jongg

Game ID for Mah Jongg :584

Best game screen resolution: 800 x 600 fullscreen

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