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Game description: Plumber 2 is an arcade game on in which you will become a plumber. There are 25 stages in the game. You should play one stage to another. You should create a continuous pipeline between the tap and the overflow pipe. You can rotate each pipe by clicking it. You should click the tap when you have made the pipeline to go to the next stage. While you play the game, there is appropriate music nearby your ears. Once you play very well, you will enter into the next stage smoothly. It is an interesting game and challenging game. You can attempt the role which you never contact. You will have the brand-new feeling when you play the game. This is perfect.

Game title :Plumber 2

Game author : N/A

Game size : 455 KB

Game screenshot :Plumber 2

Game ID for Plumber 2 :455

Best game screen resolution: 720 x 485 fullscreen

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