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Game description: Puzzle Safari is a puzzle game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org in which you put several pieces of pictures into a whole image. You can choose one image from Lion, Kudu Antelope and Elephants. The image is cut into 15 pieces of small pictures and each picture is part of the whole image. Once the game starts, the pictures are irregularly put together. You have to relocate them and make them recover to be a whole image. Try to solve the puzzle in few moves to score many points. As for the images there are some narratives about them. In the past, lions lived in Europe, Africa and Asia. Today lions live only in Africa and a small population in Asia. Greater Kudus are the biggest antelopes. They can be up to 1.5 meters tall, 2.5 meters long and weigh 300 kilograms. And there are three species of elephants: African, Asian and the small forest elephants. Do you want to see their whole images? Play now!

Game title :Puzzle Safari

Game author : Q Play Games

Game size : 268 KB

Game screenshot :Puzzle Safari

Game ID for Puzzle Safari :316

Best game screen resolution: 640 x 480 fullscreen

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