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Game description: Quick Pic is a skill game on play-free-mahjong-games.org which tests your memory in a short time. At the beginning of each round of the game, you have a chance to take a good look at the pictures and remember them. Then the pictures are turned closed and you should find the pairs in the limited time. The further you come, the less time you will have. If you mange to find all the pairs in a round quickly, you can get 2500 bonus points and reach a higher level. Your points will be accumulated and you can try your best to break your record. Your response speed and memory will be challenged in the game. Wish you good luck.

Game title :Quick Pic

Game author : Totally Game

Game size : 953 KB

Game screenshot :Quick Pic

Game ID for Quick Pic :503

Best game screen resolution: 660 x 540 fullscreen

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