Ringmania 2

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Game description: Ringmania 2 is an arcade game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org. You will control with the mouse a set of rings connected to the ground, symbolized by the black bubbles. The goal of the game is to clear all the colored rings from the ground. When 3 rings of the same color are connected, they explode. All the rings which are not connected anymore to a black bubble also explode. One thing is very important. When you destroy all the rings of a given color, this color does not appear anymore unless a remaining floating ring of this color get stuck on the “ground rings”. Each time a floating ring is getting out of the board, the left and right walls are getting closer. The game is over when you don’t have any space left to move the “ground rings”. There are some special items in the game. A clock is for freezing time. Yellow star can be bonus of fifty points. A metal could explode any color of rings. Get a red heart for one additional life. A yellow bumper can make the rings bounce on it. And black bubble can make the rings get stuck on it. Join this interesting world now!

Game title :Ringmania 2

Game author : Jean Philippe

Game size : 105 KB

Game screenshot :Ringmania 2

Game ID for Ringmania 2 :154

Best game screen resolution: 650 x 650 fullscreen

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