Sea Jewels

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Game description: Sea Jewels is an arcade game on There are many different colorful sea jewels and diamonds here. A quick tutorial will help you get started. You can follow the simple steps to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. Click two adjacent pieces of jewels to swap their positions. If three of the same type aligns vertically or horizontally, a chain is formed. If you get stuck, you can click the Hint button on the bottom left. For each new chain formed, you will get a bonus time. Keep moving pieces to build more chains and add more bonus time. When your bonus time runs out, all the chains you form will be converted into points and added to your score. When you score points, the game timer grows. If you score too slowly, your time may run out and the game is over. So score quickly and you will push the timer to the next round. Ready? Have fun!

Game title :Sea Jewels

Game author : 3rd Sense

Game size : 447 KB

Game screenshot :Sea Jewels

Game ID for Sea Jewels :306

Best game screen resolution: 640 x 520 fullscreen

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