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Game description: Shuffle is an arcade game on in which you try to remove all yellow balls from the playing board. When the game starts, there will be several yellow balls and several red balls appearing in the playing board. Your task is to get all yellow balls off the board to win. You can click on one of the red balls and hold down left mouse button. Then drag the mouse to choose speed and direction. Finally you shall release held mouse button to shoot red balls. When a red ball hits one or more yellow balls, they may be hit off the board. Every time after you shoot a red ball to hit yellow balls, the yellow balls will also attack red balls in the same way and for the same purpose. So you’d better remove more than one yellow ball at one shoot. Are you clear? Do it now.

Game title :Shuffle

Game author : Fettspielen

Game size : 201 KB

Game screenshot :Shuffle

Game ID for Shuffle :131

Best game screen resolution: 625 x 450 fullscreen

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