Sound Of Gravity 2

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Game description: Sound of Gravity 2 is a puzzle game on in which you will help a rabbit to escape from the exit of a maze. The exit often is set in a particular position that the rabbit can not reach. But inside the maze, there are a lot of gravity plates. The rabbit can touch gravity plate to rotate the world by 90 degree. In such way, you may help this lovely rabbit to reach the only exit of the maze. You can use arrow keys to move the rabbit. And there also might be some blocks in the maze, you can push single block only. Any way you must try to help rabbit exit the maze as soon as quickly. Then you can move to the next level. So this is a chance to challenge your thinking ability. Try it in many different ways for you will not find the right way so easily and quickly. Are you interested? Join!

Game title :Sound Of Gravity 2

Game author : Ugo Player

Game size : 827 KB

Game screenshot :Sound Of Gravity 2

Game ID for Sound Of Gravity 2 :177

Best game screen resolution: 500 x 530 fullscreen

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