Sound Of Gravity 3

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Game description: Sound Of Gravity 3 is a puzzle game on in which you try to get through maze by controlling the mouse and changing the ground side. This game is progressed in the ice world. The world is divided into several horizontal grounds; there are some gravity plates and blocks on them. The hero in this game is a white mouse; you have to choose the right way to guide the mouse to the exit. Only three keys are needed in this game: Press left and right keys to let the mouse move; down arrow key has two usages, one is to change side (only when the mouse is on gravity block), the other is to select gravity orientation (only when the mouse is on gravity decision plate). When the mouse touches the gravity plate, the ice world will be rotated by 90 degree. And you can push every single block. Wanna have a try? Play now.

Game title :Sound Of Gravity 3

Game author : Bless Flasher

Game size : 1076 KB

Game screenshot :Sound Of Gravity 3

Game ID for Sound Of Gravity 3 :139

Best game screen resolution: 500 x 530 fullscreen

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