The New World

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Game description: Welcome to The New World, where you are given the command of any ship you choose, in order to explore the sea and look for an alternative route to arriving India. In this adventure game, you need to firstly choose your vessel: carrack, normal sailing boat or caravel. Then you start your voyage. You can choose any day of your journey as a starting. You can also write the journal, just like a real captain. Use you map wisely. Be careful about the sea—she is mysterious and dangerous. If you succeed, you will get treasure and fame. So what are you waiting for? Open and play this game. Good luck!

Game title :The New World

Game author : Arcade Towm

Game size : 1460 KB

Game screenshot :The New World

Game ID for The New World :113

Best game screen resolution: 800 x 450 fullscreen

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