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Game description: Tip and Run is an adventure game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org in which you try to get as many points as you can. One day alien aircrafts appeared on our skies. They were not friendly. They were hostile. They were coming closer and closer devastating our towns on their way using unknown weapons, experimenting on our people and closer to the overwhelming invasion. We knew noting about them, but they knew a lot about us. One of our bravest astronauts was sent to their home planet, where his task was to plunder the underground base, and collect alien tech-cocoons so we could learn how to defeat them. He is smart, quick and strong but without your help he’ll surely fail in the alien base abbeys. Tech-cocoons should be stored in the dimensional portal, which if is full will transport our hero to the next of thirty levels. You can blow up some of the obstacles with bombs. Other obstacles you may simply eat. Beware of the tech-cocoons guardians. They are very dangerous. Some are wise some are silly; they are quick ones and slow ones. But each of them is deadly for the astronaut. You should use arrow keys to control. Are you ready? Have fun.

Game title :Tip and Run

Game author : Flash Games 247

Game size : 430 KB

Game screenshot :Tip and Run

Game ID for Tip and Run :461

Best game screen resolution: 590 x 460 fullscreen

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