World Domination

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Game description: World Domination is an adventure game on in which you make a strategy to win a war in the virtual world. There are many panel in the screen, each one has its function. The illustration panel displays the action which you are about to do. Click the rocket panel to prepare rocket, note that the load you want to fit into your rocket can’t be bigger than the rocket itself. The warhead panel use to load war head into rocket, be sure that one of the warhead carriers are prepared. Click the bioload panel to load bioload into a rocket or a plane. After loading a bioload you’ll have to pick a target city. The special weapon panel contains the space rocket. When loading the satellite you will have to make a choice between weapon and information. A submarine is special because there is no defense against it. Everything in the technology panels displayed in dark grey has to be invented first. The red digits behind the weapons indicate how much of this weapon is available. This leader panel displays your enemies. If the friendships points are age below 30 you are his enemy, above 70 you are his friend. Spying is a one turn action. Select and target a leader you want to spy. Spies can get information or steal weapons. Anti rocket and anti air can be deployed in one turn. Anti spy will be deployed automatically. Every country has five cities. The bigger the buildings the more population it contains. In the middle of the base you can see your opponents selected action.

Game title :World Domination

Game author : Totally Game

Game size : 2775 KB

Game screenshot :World Domination

Game ID for World Domination :545

Best game screen resolution: 700 x 450 fullscreen

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