Zoo Break Out

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Game description: Zoo Break Out is a puzzle game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org. Mac, the night watchman, forgot to lock the gates to the zoo and all of our animals have escaped. The rascally creatures are now hiding all over town, and we need to get them back before the guests start to arrive today. We will take you to the locations where we suspect the animals are hiding and give you a list of the lost culprits and some other missing items. You can lock this list on the screen by clicking on the padlock icon at the top. And, since the animals are so good at hiding, we will give you 3 hints for each round on how to find them. When you have found some animals, you will see them start to re-appear in the zoo, and you can even click on them to learn more about them. As I said, we need to be fast to get this done before the zoo opens. So you will have 5 minutes in each round to find all of the animals and items on the list. You don’t want to waste your time looking at anything not on the list, so you will lose 10 seconds every time you find an incorrect item. Okay, quickly, let’s start looking! Go to find our monkeys, elephants, zebras, peacocks, giraffes, bears, tigers…

Game title :Zoo Break Out

Game author : Gamesgames

Game size : 5353 KB

Game screenshot :Zoo Break Out

Game ID for Zoo Break Out :163

Best game screen resolution: 600` x 450 fullscreen

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