Acorn Toss

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Game description: Acorn Toss is an interesting game on in which you will try your best to toss the acorn as high as possible. There are two squirrels sitting in the tree and a squirrel tossing an acorn upwards under the tree. At the beginning of the game, you toss the acorn and then click left and right arrow keys to make the squirrels in the tree closest to the acorn. If the squirrels in the tree touch the acorn, you will get a score. If you can’t get any score in the first turn, you still have two chances to win scores. The game will come into end after the tossed acorn hit the ground. The goal of the game is to see how many times you can make the acorn touched by the squirrels before it hit the ground. Wish you have a good time.

Game title :Acorn Toss

Game author : Charles Wolfe

Game size : 506 KB

Game screenshot :Acorn Toss

Game ID for Acorn Toss :953

Best game screen resolution: 300 x 400 fullscreen

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