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Game description: Alien Bounce, it is an action game on Alien which as some people from the foreign land, whom has different culture, language, food…etc with us. One day, you took UFO to another heavenly body, but people there do not like you. They are looking for some fun on you. They even put you in an elastic big spoon and try to bounce you out. When they shooting you out, you would not know what animal will you meet or what will happen on you?! We can just pray that hope you will not meet any shark, otherwise it will eat you. If fortunately you did not meet a shark, it will just show your total distance which meaning how far you had been shot. Best of luck, hope you are lucky enough to avoid the shark.

Game title :Alien Bounce

Game author : Flash Games 247

Game size : 176 KB

Game screenshot :Alien Bounce

Game ID for Alien Bounce :936

Best game screen resolution: 690 x 405 fullscreen

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