Crazy Koala

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Game description: Crazy Koala is an arcade game on in which you try to help more lost birds and guide them to the sky to get your scores. Use your mouse to control the heading. Left mouse button initiates combustion. Firstly you should try to find where the lost bird is. Use the thruster to go your way, remember the opposite direction of the thruster is the direction you go. It is rather difficult to head to the right direction. Once you find the bird, guide it to the sky to go to the next stage. You can never know how strange the place you should get into to find the bird. Be careful not to run into the cliff of the cave!

Game title :Crazy Koala

Game author : Flash Games 247

Game size : 99 KB

Game screenshot :Crazy Koala

Game ID for Crazy Koala :1006

Best game screen resolution: 550 x 450 fullscreen

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