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Game description: Dis Orderly is a fighting game on play-free-mahjong-games.org in which you will face a lot of people to deal with. You are a small staff member in your company. One day, when you are doing some cleaning, your boss asks you to go to his office. For there are a lot of people who are wondering around your company, they may make trouble. So your boss orders you to deal with those people. You may get a lot of money or a promotion for doing well. By press the A key, you can attack someone or grab your enemies. By press the S key, you can pick up something, throw something, or open something. You can make a desperation move by pressing the D key. You can walk left, right, up and down by pressing the LEFT, RIGHT, UP and DOEN arrow keys. If you click double tap arrow, you can run.

Game title :Dis Orderly

Game author : Zeebarf

Game size : 3875 KB

Game screenshot :Dis Orderly

Game ID for Dis Orderly :921

Best game screen resolution: 750 x 480 fullscreen

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