Flames of Fury

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Game description: Flames of Fury is an arcade game on play-free-mahjong-games.org in which you will be act as a dragon. You can move dragon by pressing the arrow keys. If you want to shoot fireball you can aim with mouse and click to shoot. You can change the type of fireballs by rolling mouse wheel. If you want to stop the game, please press P. There are 12 levels of the game. You can choose tower, factory or control center before the game. Your dragon must return the nest to create fireballs and restore endurance level because if endurance ends flight speed will decrease. You should be aware of the fact that enemies will try to destroy the nest and you must protect the dragon’s nest very carefully. You need to fly over blue volcano to get some hydrogen and so on. You should fly back to the nest and click on fire creation. During the flying, you should pay attention to the health of yourself and take as many points as possible. Good luck.

Game title :Flames of Fury

Game author : Play Now 3D Games

Game size : 3451 KB

Game screenshot :Flames of Fury

Game ID for Flames of Fury :803

Best game screen resolution: 700 x 500 fullscreen

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