Food Bash

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Game description: Food Bash is an arcade game on in which you throw food to shoot your opponent. It happens in a small restaurant. You get ready for a food fight. You will fight against your favorite cartoon stars. Once the game starts, your opponent will run left and right to dodge your attack. Meanwhile he will shoot you with various foods. You can use your mouse to aim and throw. Press space bar to dodge the foods shot at you. The first one to splat the other five times wins. You may throw tomatoes, potato, green pepper, cakes, and eggs at your opponent. As levels up, there may be more than one cartoon star appearing in the screen you need to fight against. Fairies will also appear in the battle. Do you want to have a try? Join now.

Game title :Food Bash

Game author : Cartoon Network

Game size : 319 KB

Game screenshot :Food Bash

Game ID for Food Bash :853

Best game screen resolution: 432 x 330 fullscreen

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