Girl Power

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Game description: Girl Power is an arcade game on in which you will finish your game with a wood hammer. In this game, there are a lot of little bags crawls back and forth. You don not know what is hiding in these bags. Just imagine it. There may be a little worm in a bag and it wears a red hat. These bags vary from size. The one to you recently is the biggest one. The one which is farthest to you is the smallest one. Different size bags indicate different scores. The size is bigger, the score is less. You just use your hammer to heat the bags. To use the hammer, press the left button of your mouse. If you hit a bag, you get the score that the bag indicates. Remember, you have only 30 seconds. Wish you good luck!

Game title :Girl Power

Game author : N/A

Game size : 72 KB

Game screenshot :Girl Power

Game ID for Girl Power :919

Best game screen resolution: 300 x 300 fullscreen

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