Hacky Sack JR

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Game description: Hacky Sack JR is a skill game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org in which your mission is to keep kicking the ball and get the bonuses. Seems simple, right? You can move the character right and left, and also can change the character when you are playing the game. You can play different tricks, such as high and low kick, left and right kick, head butt and jump head butt. If the ball falls, pick it up. Don’t forget to get the bonuses, and stay away from some dangerous objects with an “X” mark. Good luck!

Game title :Hacky Sack JR

Game author : 2D Arcade

Game size : 256 KB

Game screenshot :Hacky Sack JR

Game ID for Hacky Sack JR :1028

Best game screen resolution: x fullscreen

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