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Game description: Head Blast is an action game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org in which you will head a boring guy as far as possible. You and your fellows are playing football at a football field. A boring guy bothers you again and again. Your fellows become angry, so you decide to punish him and teach him a lesson. You will use your head to head him away and your friends will help you. When the boring guy flies to a position that one of your fellows stands at, he will add a kick to this guy and keep it go on flying. There are also some special items in the game. The bigger players upgrade significantly increases the power of your own team mates on the field. Power upgrades increase both the speed of the initial headbutt, and also increases the maximum horizontal speed (terminal velocity) of the boring guy. Do you want to know more? Join it now.

Game title :Head Blast

Game author : Addicting Games

Game size : 848 KB

Game screenshot :Head Blast

Game ID for Head Blast :831

Best game screen resolution: 600 x 400 fullscreen

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