Kerry Bush Bash

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Game description: Kerry Bush Bash is an arcade game on in which you work as the moderator which is to block both President Bush and Senator Kerry from attacking each other. The goal of each level is for you to use the moderator’s paper to protect both presidential candidates while they engage in a heated debate. It is the presidential debate locale of 2004 and it is live show to audience all over the world. You are sitting between the two candidates which both take a bottle of redeye with them. Once they start to speak they will squeeze the bottle to attack each other. The paper on the desk is your weapon to stop the attacks. There are many rounds until the selection is over. Just click the start button to begin a moderator’s job. Have fun!

Game title :Kerry Bush Bash

Game author : Ultimate Arcade

Game size : 602 KB

Game screenshot :Kerry Bush Bash

Game ID for Kerry Bush Bash :967

Best game screen resolution: 590 x 400 fullscreen

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