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Game description: Monsters is an adventure game on The object of the game is to rid each level of all of its monsters without losing all of your health. The monsters will predictably chase you wherever you go. To send them to another realm, you can guide them into the goopit. It is harmless to you, but not to the monsters. To keep your lifepoints, you can not let the monsters come into physical contact with you. If you do, you will lose one of your life points, which are shown in the top left corner of the screen. After you clear out the monsters, you shall enter the door to complete the level. You can move across the screen with the arrow keys. There are four types of items in the game you can earn for bonus. To open a locked gate, you can just stand next to it after you have acquired its key and press enter. Do you want to know more? Join now.

Game title :Monsters

Game author : Noah Freedman

Game size : 1911 KB

Game screenshot :Monsters

Game ID for Monsters :994

Best game screen resolution: 565 x 410 fullscreen

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