Mouse Mash

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Game description: Mouse Mash is an action game on in which you are in control of a cat to kill as more mice as possible by mashing them with its claws. This game contains excessive amounts of violence and gore. The cat is named Fuzzy McFluffenstein and the mice are called Mr. Paranoid here. The game happens inside a house. It’s deep into the night. The female master of this house falls into sleep upon her computer desk because she is so tired for work. But the desk lamp is still working. Numerous mice go out of their holes to hunt for food in the house. They run here and there and climb on walls. They destroy a lot of furniture, plates, and devices. Fuzzy McFluffenstein must kill them all within the time limit, or it will be punished by its master next morning. You can use arrow keys to control the cat and move it to jump on mice and earn more time. If the time runs out, this lovely cat will explode. Help it mash mice and keep alive longer. The mice may on the desk, floor, fridge, computer, kitchen, and all other places. Mash them now.

Game title :Mouse Mash

Game author : Diseased Productions

Game size : 2065 KB

Game screenshot :Mouse Mash

Game ID for Mouse Mash :846

Best game screen resolution: 400 x 300 fullscreen

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