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Game description: Petshop is a skill game on in which you try to buy food for your lovely dog within the time limit. You have a lovely pet, a puppy named Xiao Bai. One day, Xiao Bai is very hungry and you find you did not put dog food into its plate for a long time. You must do it now. The pet’s food is on sale in the shop now. You only have thirty seconds to complete this task. Xiao Bai is waiting for you at home. You buy the bones for your pet and return home immediately. But you can not touch the sides of the road, or you have to start it over. You will also have to go through a spinning windmill safely. Don’t hit any pedestrians or other obstacles on the road and streets. Try to get home before time runs out. Good luck for you and your dog.

Game title :Petshop

Game author : Coozy Media

Game size : 1069 KB

Game screenshot :Petshop

Game ID for Petshop :1020

Best game screen resolution: 770 x 570 fullscreen

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