Putnik the Pumpkin

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Game description: Putnik the Pumpkin is a shooting game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org in which you are in control of a magical pumpkin to fire at Halloween creatures. It is at Halloween. All Halloween creatures have been cursed. You must save all creatures with your magical pumpkin seed. And you have to save them before midnight or they will disappear forever. Once the game starts, you will control your pumpkin to move left and right along the main street of the city. Many houses are built in the two sides. You should rescue Mummy, Zombie, Ghost, Volcano, Frankie, Skellie, and Devil Child by shooting pumpkin seeds at them as they move toward you. Avoid being shot by them or your health will decrease. You can collect some items for bonus on your way, such as a red heart for Health, a seed for Ammo, and a bullet icon for Reload. Once you fail to save all creatures, Halloween will be cancelled forever. It’s terrible, right? Do it now.

Game title :Putnik the Pumpkin

Game author : IO3 Creations

Game size : 571 KB

Game screenshot :Putnik the Pumpkin

Game ID for Putnik the Pumpkin :840

Best game screen resolution: 440 x 320 fullscreen

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