Rebel Noel

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Game description: Rebel Noel is an arcade game on Your name is Noel and you are one of Santa’s elves. You have just pissed off your boss (Santa) by calling him a “slave drivin”, beer drinkin, womanizin, out of shape pile of crap. Needless to say, he is not too flattered. Your objective is to get away from Santa before he clobbers you. Accumulate points by jumping and hitting objects. Some of these objects can help you get Santa off your back as well. Santa is chasing behind you with a big wood hammer. You must ceaselessly jump and get something to slow him down, like apple, pear, hammer, ropes and so on. His room is decorated beautifully with colorful lights and many small toys ready for sending to children in Christmas Eve. Your action will cause chaos. But you have no other choice now. Ready? Run.

Game title :Rebel Noel

Game author : Circusx

Game size : 240 KB

Game screenshot :Rebel Noel

Game ID for Rebel Noel :793

Best game screen resolution: 500 x 350 fullscreen

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