Rice Hat Warrior

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Game description: Rice Hat Warrior is a fighting game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org in which you are a warrior to revenge on your foe. This game is related to a long story. Once the bodyguard for a powerful and fair Shogun, it was said that he was the most skilled and deadly warrior in the land. His family was brutally murdered and he was framed for the hideous crime. Though his master knew his bodyguard was innocent, lack of proof meant he has no choice but to banish him. Not a month since his departure, his master was assassinated. Immediately the Daimyo of the Shimazu clan seized the title of Shogun. Although a fair and just ruler at first…over the course of several years the new Shogun’s cruel and oppressive ways became apparent. Though many tried to stand against him, they all fell. Then people started whispering that the banished one has returned. Whilst crushing a minor rebellion, the Shogun hears these rumours. Without hesitation he halted his army and started back towards his fortress. Eventually the horses and men tired, and he was forced to set up camp. Though he knew how deadly his foe was, he thought that, surrounded by his army, he would be safe. You should prove that he is wrong. Try to kill all the army by using a sword and a knife. Avoid being shot by archers. Kill the new Shogun. Are you ready? Good luck!

Game title :Rice Hat Warrior

Game author : Lazy Nation

Game size : 3663 KB

Game screenshot :Rice Hat Warrior

Game ID for Rice Hat Warrior :842

Best game screen resolution: 550 x 400 fullscreen

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