Shock Shock

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Game description: Shock Shock is an action game on in which you try to eliminate all robots enemies within the time limit. You are a fully equipped robot-killer. There are numerous robots destroying our world. You are assigned to rescue the sand beach and the buildings around. There are many cactuses and coconut palms in the beach. You can use arrow keys to move around. When you meet a robot, you can use your electric shock to release electricity at it and kill it. Try to kill all robots enemies to move to the next level. There is a super electric shock in each level which can kill all the robots around you. But you must collect it on your adventure, or you won’t get it. If you can not kill all robots within the time limit, the game is over and you have to replay that level again. Good luck!

Game title :Shock Shock

Game author : Neostream

Game size : 1381 KB

Game screenshot :Shock Shock

Game ID for Shock Shock :839

Best game screen resolution: 480 x 360 fullscreen

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