Slashing Pumpkins

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Game description: Are you scared when seeing a hand, old, weary and impaled upon a pipe of steel, sitting above a graveyard some place scary? Stop screaming and take it easy. It’s just a game—Slashing Pumpkins, a Halloween game on In the game, the only pain the hand can feel is when he moves both left and right. It is armoured only with a knife, whose purpose is to take the life of every pumpkin that doth annoy him, as this is his only joy. Move the hand right and left then drop the dirk. If a pumpkin you did hit, your score will go up a bit. If you miss the pumpkins, your dagger will just disappear. You know your time is running old when the small hand starts to mould, when it doth turn red and sore, you will see your final points.

Game title :Slashing Pumpkins

Game author : N/A

Game size : 342 KB

Game screenshot :Slashing Pumpkins

Game ID for Slashing Pumpkins :1109

Best game screen resolution: 540 x 390 fullscreen

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