Star Wars

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Game description: Star Wars is a fighting game on in which you will fight against four enemies. Once the game starts, you have 200 points and will see four opponents appear suddenly. There are three monsters with masks and a wizard wearing a grey robe. You should seize the chance to attack one of them. You can click and handle the sword to attack them. If you manage to hurt the opponent wearing white or red mask, you can get 100 points for each. You will win 200 points if you kill an enemy wearing black mask. 300 points will be given to you if you successfully hit the wizard in the grey robe. Please remember that if you will lose 20 points if you fail to hurt the enemy. The time is limited and you should strive to win most points in one minute. Good luck.

Game title :Star Wars

Game author : Front Network

Game size : 950 KB

Game screenshot :Star Wars

Game ID for Star Wars :965

Best game screen resolution: 600 x 450 fullscreen

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