Stickman Sam 1

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Game description: Stickman Sam 1 is a shooting game on in which your will have a gun to shoot at the little rounds. At first you will have opportunity to begin your training. You can move the mouse to move the crosshair in order to fire at the objects. You will have a gun in your hand and you can use it to destroy the objects. When you get into level two, you need to improve your aim. Maybe the exploding debris hit you. So when you are shooting, don’t forget to move in order to protect yourself. Perfect practice makes perfect. Here is a little extra challenge. You have less time to finish the mission. If you get stuck, practice until you are able to move forward. You can give your best shot. And then you will have a better pistol which has limited ammo. If you run out of ammo, use the basic pistol.

Game title :Stickman Sam 1

Game author : Istvan Orosi

Game size : 679 KB

Game screenshot :Stickman Sam 1

Game ID for Stickman Sam 1 :866

Best game screen resolution: 440 x 320 fullscreen

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