The Gunsmith

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Game description: The Gunsmith is a fighting game on in which you try to destroy the illegal weapon-factory as quickly as you can. You crash into the illegal factory in a desert and your weapons are a pistol with limited bullets and some dynamite. The enemies you meet may take a pistol the same as you or cannon. And the clothes they wear are all red uniforms. And there will be shit and mines putting on the ground to stop your advance. Enemies always jump over shit and mines. If you are out of ammunition, you can kill them with your knife when they jump. If some enemies are too difficult, kill them with dynamite or wait until they have to reload. In every level is a hidden cheat. If you finish the gull game, you will get all cheats. Have fun!

Game title :The Gunsmith

Game author : Exotworking

Game size : 3745 KB

Game screenshot :The Gunsmith

Game ID for The Gunsmith :893

Best game screen resolution: 600 x 370 fullscreen

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