The Paratrooper

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Game description: The Paratrooper is an arcade game on in which you try to help more paratroopers to reach his target avoiding the birds. Use left and right arrow keys to move left and right. The interface divide into two parts and there are two propjets in each stage to help you. Try to take the propjet to move faster so that you can avoid the birds. You target is a boat which moves from left to right, you should estimate the point of fall or you will fall into the sea. In each stage you have three chances to get to the target. After the stages you clear, the birds fly faster and faster to make it harder to win the game. Just try how many paratroopers you can help.

Game title :The Paratrooper

Game author : Smashingames

Game size : 83 KB

Game screenshot :The Paratrooper

Game ID for The Paratrooper :1007

Best game screen resolution: 500 x 400 fullscreen

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