Waterfall Leap

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Game description: Waterfall Leap is a skill game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org in which you are in control of a fish to complete leaps. The objective of the game is to swim and jump onto the “Beaver Brother’s” (Bob, Bill and Bryan) tail to be flicked over the waterfalls. Once the game starts, you can repeatedly press the right arrow key to increase the swimming speed of the fish. As the fish approaches one of Beaver brothers, you shall press spacebar in time to make the fish jump onto the tail of Bob, Bill or Bryan, then the fish will bounce into the other side of the water by the tail. For completing the match, the fish has to jump three times. Try to finish the match as soon as possible. The fish should jump early to land near the end of the Beaver’s tail for the best flick. Are you clear? Join now.

Game title :Waterfall Leap

Game author : GCcubed

Game size : 610 KB

Game screenshot :Waterfall Leap

Game ID for Waterfall Leap :917

Best game screen resolution: 480 x 360 fullscreen

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