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Game description: X-Tract Paperclip is a shooting game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org in which your job is to clear all the three levels by hitting Clippy with the office supplies. You move left, right, up and down to aim the Clippy which may appear at random place. Throw office supply at them to catch them. Each level has different requirements so read specific instructions when necessary. You can increase your throw power by holding the mouse longer. But more powerful shot doesn’t mean better, you need to adjust the power according to where the Clippy is. Have fun!

Game title :X-Tract Paperclip

Game author : Microsoft

Game size : 1353 KB

Game screenshot :X-Tract Paperclip

Game ID for X-Tract Paperclip :1050

Best game screen resolution: 570 x 430 fullscreen

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