ICW Backyard Brawl

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Game description: ICW Backyard Brawl is a fighting game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org in which you fight against different opponents in a special arena. Your power bar fills some when you land an attack or take a hit. Once it is full, you can perform your character’s specialized attack. You can select your favorite character. Static is the most deranged ICW competitors. So deranged in fact that in every match he entered, he tore his opponent to shreds, nearly killing many ICW superstars. Finally, the boss took charge and told Static that he must either become the most feared ICW champion ever, or be fired for scaring the talent. As the intense champion of ICW and partner of Angeldust, Ethan Paine had it all until word of him becoming a lazy, slow fighter reached his ears. With a newfound passion, Ethan sets out to defend his title and take out the only competitor he sees as a threat…Fate. Another fighter is Fate. As the owner of the company, Fate has been known to make dealing with certain underworldly powers. After being told by these powers that he was slowly losing control of his company, the only way to win back their favor, as well as the respect of the fans, was to take out the new champion, Ethan Paine. There are also other fighters here. The fight must be very fierce. Do you want to know more? Join and good luck for you.

Game title :ICW Backyard Brawl

Game author : AngryBinary

Game size : 974 KB

Game screenshot :ICW Backyard Brawl

Game ID for ICW Backyard Brawl :2162

Best game screen resolution: 600 x 400 fullscreen

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